Saturday, May 30, 2015

Fun Coursing in NC and GA!!!

2 Exciting, back-to-back, weekends of Lure Coursing!!!
It is rare that we go lure coursing, back-to-back weekends, but due to the holiday weekend and extra time off of work, we decided to head down to Georgia for 2 days of lure coursing Memorial Day weekend, the weekend after our local club held an AKC lure coursing trial in Reidsville, NC.

First was MAHA, AKC Lure coursing in Reidsville, NC.
May 16/17

The weather was warm in the PM, but the mornings were cool and we managed to get all the coursing done by 12:30 pm both days.  The trials ran smoothly and all had a great time! 
Elsa had a great weekend, going 1st in the Specials Stake, for a 3pt. major and finishing her LCX title on Saturday followed by an amazing day on Sunday!!! She went 1st and then BOB in a stake of  29 whippets, earning 5pts towards her LCX2.
Elsa was really on fire this weekend, she loves running at Flint Rock Farm in Reidsville!   I think she really LOVES the hills, just like her mother did. I saw potential in her this weekend, that while I had hoped was there, I had not yet seen.   So proud of her to step up and show me what she has!!!

The following weekend we headed to Fairburn, GA, Chattahoochee Hills Equestrian Center, for 2 days of AKC lure coursing on Sunday and Monday.
May 24/25

I think the most proud moment I had this weekend came from our girl Dylan.
Dylan is a soft girl and when she was first starting out coursing, she got "sandwiched" between 2 dogs on a start.  While the dogs did nothing wrong, it started a trend that went from holding back on the start to not wanting to run at all.   We have spent that past 2 years working with her, building her confidence and slowly trying to get her to run with other dogs.  

Saturday, after all this long hard work, she finally earned her first points (2pts) towards her championship title!!!!!!!! since she stopped running.  This girl is fast and has tons of talent when she is willing to accept it and just run!   So so so very proud of her for stepping up and realizing that she CAN DO IT!

Of course, Elsa did not disappoint me!    She was first in the Specials stake of 8 on Saturday.
Realizing that Dylan and Elsa were now to run together, we decided not to push Dylan.  We forfited her and gave the BOB to Elsa, as if they did not run, Dylan would not gain anything from the BOB win. Elsa went on to place again in the tough specials stake - going 3rd, on Sunday.

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