Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cali Whippets Head to Georgia! - Spirit earns her LCX6 title!

The first weekend of April, we headed to Fairburn, GA for an AKC Lure Coursing trial (MAWA).  The weather couldn't have been more wonderful!   Sunny, low to mid 70's!   I love spring in the South. The puppies took their first LONG trip and did great, even in the hotel room!
Besides the puppies, Blondie, Mystic and Spirit headed down with us.  

Spirit, who never fails to amaze me, went BOB on Saturday, earning her the last 5 points needed for her LCX6 title!   She is the second whippet (the other is Junior - TNT's Taking the Checkered Flag) to earn this title, and as of yet, no whippet has earned an LCX7........ these 2 whippets are truely in a league of their own!!!!   

Blondie, placed 4th on Sunday (the only day she ran) - proud to see this YOUNG girl in the placements.

We were extra excited about this trip, as Amos joined us on Sunday with his new family.  We are so proud of this boy and so happy for both him and his new owners.

Thanks to Mike for all the great photos!!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Blondie and Spirit attend the Raleigh shows!

I was very excited to head back into the show ring after a long break. 

I decided to show Spirit as a Special and our first weekend out, she went "Select Bitch" over top ranked specials for a Major!   I will not show her often, but when there are local shows, we will see what the judges think....... 

I also decided to start showing Blondie some.   WOW!  This girl is a natural, she loves to show and is so easy..... Mike got a few pics of her..... hard to believe that she is only 18 months here.
I can't wait to show her more once she is mature!  :)

Thanks to Mike for the pics!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Coursing in Reidsville, NC and Williamsburg, VA

We attended two AKC Lure Coursing trials recently, one in Reidsville, NC (MAHA) and one in Williamsburg,VA (SHOT).  We love go to these trials as the coursing is fun and the horse farm in Reidsville and the campground in Williamsburg are just beautiful!!!!   Dylan has earned her Senior coursing title and her first 2 AKC points towards her Championship title.  Spirit - after a long break - had a great weekend, going BOB on Saturday in Williamsburg and placed
second on Sunday in tough competition!  Blondie and Mystic had fun too.  The puppies had some great times exploring and are traveling well in the motorhome.  Here are some great pictures by Mike:

Thanks Mike!!!

Fun Photos of puppies practicing

This was the last practice we had with the puppies before they left to go to their homes........

 Fox - Cali Spirit of Red Vixen at Crossfyre

 Max - TNTs Red Son Rising O' Cali

Coda - Cali N TNTs Red Zeppelin v Nitro

Elsa - Cali's Red Clay Halo

Hendrix - Cali's Red House On Hound Hill