Saturday, April 5, 2014

Blondie's win photo from the Raleigh Circuit

"Blondie" - FC Cali's Blonde Ambition MC

WB/BOW under  Judge Charolette Patterson

Thursday, April 3, 2014

2014 ASFA II at the Horse Park in Ocala Florida

I was so very excited to attend my first ASFA International Invitational this year! 
The drive down was nice and I arrived in Florida with plenty of time on Friday afternoon to take the girls for a nice walk to stretch out their legs after the long drive.
Elsa, Blondie and Mystic joined me for this trip.  I am proud of all three girls.  They handled the long drive like champs and did great in the hotel all 4 nights.  
Saturday started out as a nice cool morning and all 3 girls had good runs.  But before we could make it to the final runs, the sky opened up and a long and severe thunderstorm developed, stopping the trial for almost 3 hours!!!  Once the storm passed and we emerged from our van, everyone managed to get going again and finished the trial.  Elsa ended the day in 3rd place in her open stake A.  Not bad for a baby red girl :)
Sunday, unlike Saturday, was just beautiful from the moment we woke up til sunset.  This field was a bit flatter and the course was longer, almost 1100 yards.  The girls seemed to like it and all 3 ran well.  Elsa, once again, made me proud!!! This day, she ended up WINNING her Open Stake B for a 1st placement!!!  
I am so proud of Elsa for continuing to step up to the challanges that we have put her thru and once again giving a great performance, despite the long trip, new experiences and extra long courses (for her)!!!!
We made it home safe, with 3 healthy girls and many fun memories.
Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

Elsa - during one of her runs on Saturday (photos by David Rice)