Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Spirit/Tobias puppies head out!

We are excited to announce that all the puppies from our Spirit/Tobias Litter are on their way to their forever homes!

These two lucky boys are heading north to Hound Hill (Otis, MA) to live with Cora Miller:

  • Lefty - Cali Hound Hill Red Lantern
  • Righty - Cali Right On Red For Hound Hill

This lucky boy is heading south to TNT (Denver, NC) to live with Donna and Lary Richards:
  • Max (No Boots) - TNT's Red Son Rising o'Cali

This lucky girl is headng south to Nitro (Edgemoor, SC) to live with Robin and Scott Horner:
  • Coda (Party Girl) - Cali N TNT's Red Zeppelin V Nitro

This very special girl is heading out west to Crossfyre (very far away to Taylorsville, UT) to live with Liz Campbell:
  • Fox (Spot Head) - Cali Spirit of Red Vixen at Crossfyre

These two will remain here at Cali Whippets - we couldn't be happier!!:
  • Hendrix (Seven) - Cali's Red House On Hound Hill
  • Elsa  (Spot Neck) - Cali's Red Clay Halo

We will continue to post updates on all the "Red Heads"!!!!!  and we look forward to this promising crew!!!  
Thanks again to Cora Miller for allowing us to use Tobais as stud and to both Cora Miller and Donna Richards for co-breding this litter with us!   We are thrilled with the results!!!!