Sunday, December 27, 2015

TWO NEW Field Champions to finish out the Year!!

We are proud to introduce 
2 NEW Field Champions to the family 

- on December 12th MOON (New FC Cali's HH Serous Moonlight SC) earned her championship title!!!!  

- on December 13th Righty (MBIF DC Cali Right on Red for Hound Hill SC FCh) earned his AKC Field Championship title and thus his DUAL Championship titles!!!!!  Righty is owned by Cora Miller and is currently living with Susan Boulduc.    We are so proud to help in this 

Righty was the ASFA Region 9 Best In Event Winner earlier this year as well!!!! 

So proud!!!!!

A Lure Coursing weekend to Remember!!!

 This post is a bit late, but MAHA had an AKC trial Nov27, 28 and 29th.   
It was a beautiful weekend, nice sunny weather, perfect running temperatures and lots of friendly faces and good competition!!!
We were excited, as Righty was down visiting from Otis, MA.  While he finished his ASFA FC easily and is close to his ASFA LCM, the frequency of AKC trials up north are much lower and he only had a few points towards his AKC FC title.  

To start out the weekend, Moon won the open Stake for her second Major (3pts),
half brother, Righty, was second place for a single point.   
Sister Elsa won the tough Specials stake and Best of Breed!
What an exciting day!!!



Today, Righty decided to take the lead, going first in an open stake of 17 whippets for a 5 point major (his first)!!!!  Half sister Moon was second for a 3 single points 
(Moon now has both majors and a total of 14 pts).

Elsa was first again in specials for another Best of Breed!!!!
Wow!!! What an amazing two days....... but still one to go!



We decided not to run Moon today, too much for a young girl on these big hills, but Righty stepped up again to go first in the open stake for his second major and another 4 points!!!  
(Righty now has both majors and a total of 13 pts!!!)

Elsa was second in the specials stake, earning another point towards her LCX3! 



I can only say how proud I am of all 3 of these Spirit kids, a breeders dream come true kind of weekend!   3 days of coursing, 3 Major wins from the the open stake, 2 Major wins and 2 BOBs from the specials stake!!! WOW!  
Love them all........

Ronan gets his first Major!

We couldn't be more proud of these two!
Mary Handling Ronan the Red to a 3 point Major win in Winston-Salem under judge James Edwards!!!
A huge congratulations to them from all of us here at Cali Whippets!

Ronan (Cali's Ronan the Red of Saturn) is one of the handsome males out of Raleigh/Spirit  
- at only 16 months, we are thrilled with this accomplishment and can't wait to see what else he will bring!!!  
Ronan lives with and is owned by Mary Pick!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy 8th Birthday Spirit!!!

2015 AKC NLCC BOB Breed Finalist!!

We are So Proud of our West Coast Red Girl!!!
MBIF UKC-CH FC Cali Spirit of Red Vixen at Crossfyre SC RATI CGC
is the 2015 AKC NLCC Brest of Breed Finalist!!!!
- Fox is Owned by Liz Campbell and co-owned by me.  We are so happy that these two girls are making such great team!!!

--  Deana

New LCX2

We are so proud to announce that Elsa has
earned her LCX2 title this past weekend!!!!

She is now:
FC Cali's Red Clay Halo MC LCX2 FCh

Monday, October 19, 2015

Fun Coursing in the Sunshine State!!!

A huge thank you to Robin Barry and SSRRC for a wonderful sunny weekend!!!

So, we finally decided to embark on a long awaited and planned trip to Florida.  We desperately wanted to get down to the Ocala area so that Robin Barry, co-breeder of our Spirit/Raleigh litter, could finally meet some of the puppies.
We decided to head down this past weekend, for the SSRRC AKC trial in Lady Lake, FL.

This was a 3 day trial at a new field.   We only went for the weekend, but were very impressed with the field and faculities.  

Saturday was the warmer of the 2 days, but very enjoyable!  
Moon was 2nd in a field of 11 open whippets to earn her first 2 AKC pts.
Half-sister Elsa was BOB from the Specials stake.  So exciting after the long trip!!!

Sunday was equally exciting, while Elsa was pulled due to a small pad injury, Moon went on to go 1st in the open stake of 13 open whippets for her first Major win and 4 pts!!!!
I was sooooo happy that Robin Barry was able to see this promising young girl in the beginning of her career and we can't wait to see what she has planned for us in the future!!!

Moon is not yet a SC but she has 6pts and a major towards her FC!!!!!

Mike took some great coursing shots, can't wait to see what we got!!!

 -  Deana

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Another fun weekend of coursing!

This post is a bit late, but wanted to say how proud I am of our two Spirit girls after another fun weekend of coursing.   
This past weekend we went to a 
CHAMP AKC trial in Leesburg, VA. 

To start with, Moon passed her QC TEST on Saturday with flying colors!  So now she is ready to go and run in open at our next AKC trial.  A big thanks to Auntie Morgan who ran with her for this test.

Then, to top off a great weekend, Miss Elsa was BOB on Saturday in a large stake of 24 whippets!!!  
She ended up in a 1/2 tie on Sunday and due to the heat, we chose to take second place and head home, rather than take any chances of a heat related injury.   Too much running left in the year to push things at this time.  
Looking forward to more running next month!   

So proud of Miss Elsa - this is her 6th BOB this year in only 11 AKC trials this year!   Not a bad record!!! 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Moon enters her First LC trial!

Proud of this young Red Girl - Moon 
(Cali's HH Serious Moonlight) 
Shr passed her ASFA precert test on Saturday and entered her first trial on Sunday.
Running againts many AKC Field Champions this girl did great,
placing 4th of 11 for her first points!!
She improved with each run over the weekend, gaining confidence and speed. 

I think she is going to have a fun fall and can't wait to see her run again!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Blondie - Win photos!

 Blondie - FC Cali's Blonde Ambition MC
Going back to back Winners and a major win too!!! 
So proud of this girl!
Thanks to judges Linda More and Beverly Capstick.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Back to Back BOB's for Elsa!

It was a hot weekend in Camden, but despite the heat, Elsa had a great weekend, going BOB both Saturday and Sunday. 

So proud of this young red girl, she is really coming into her prime and while the spring coursing season is winding down, we look forward to the fall season!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Fun Coursing in NC and GA!!!

2 Exciting, back-to-back, weekends of Lure Coursing!!!
It is rare that we go lure coursing, back-to-back weekends, but due to the holiday weekend and extra time off of work, we decided to head down to Georgia for 2 days of lure coursing Memorial Day weekend, the weekend after our local club held an AKC lure coursing trial in Reidsville, NC.

First was MAHA, AKC Lure coursing in Reidsville, NC.
May 16/17

The weather was warm in the PM, but the mornings were cool and we managed to get all the coursing done by 12:30 pm both days.  The trials ran smoothly and all had a great time! 
Elsa had a great weekend, going 1st in the Specials Stake, for a 3pt. major and finishing her LCX title on Saturday followed by an amazing day on Sunday!!! She went 1st and then BOB in a stake of  29 whippets, earning 5pts towards her LCX2.
Elsa was really on fire this weekend, she loves running at Flint Rock Farm in Reidsville!   I think she really LOVES the hills, just like her mother did. I saw potential in her this weekend, that while I had hoped was there, I had not yet seen.   So proud of her to step up and show me what she has!!!

The following weekend we headed to Fairburn, GA, Chattahoochee Hills Equestrian Center, for 2 days of AKC lure coursing on Sunday and Monday.
May 24/25

I think the most proud moment I had this weekend came from our girl Dylan.
Dylan is a soft girl and when she was first starting out coursing, she got "sandwiched" between 2 dogs on a start.  While the dogs did nothing wrong, it started a trend that went from holding back on the start to not wanting to run at all.   We have spent that past 2 years working with her, building her confidence and slowly trying to get her to run with other dogs.  

Saturday, after all this long hard work, she finally earned her first points (2pts) towards her championship title!!!!!!!! since she stopped running.  This girl is fast and has tons of talent when she is willing to accept it and just run!   So so so very proud of her for stepping up and realizing that she CAN DO IT!

Of course, Elsa did not disappoint me!    She was first in the Specials stake of 8 on Saturday.
Realizing that Dylan and Elsa were now to run together, we decided not to push Dylan.  We forfited her and gave the BOB to Elsa, as if they did not run, Dylan would not gain anything from the BOB win. Elsa went on to place again in the tough specials stake - going 3rd, on Sunday.

Friday, May 22, 2015


I couldn't be more proud of this special Red Girl!
Last weekend, at just 2.5 yo and running in only 23 trials since she finished her FC title, 
Elsa earned her LCX title.  

FC Cali's Red Clay Halo LCX SC FCh

2015 AWC National - What a great time!

WOW, what a great time we had at this years AWC National in Oconomowoc, WI!!!
I was great to not only see all my whippet friends from accross the country, but also to visit with my family.  
Spirit with 6 of her offspring!
Left to right (Righty, Max, Elsa, Spirit, Galaxy, Ronan and Moon) 

She showed great for me in the lure coursing class.  I received many complements on this little red girl and I was proud to say I bred her.   She placed both days in the Lure coursing trail and finished her ASFA Field Championship title on Sunday!   But our most exciting time was receiving the plaque and trophy for being the #1 Whippet in AKC Lure Coursing for the 2014 year.

The Raleigh/Spirit puppies:
Galaxy:  Not only did Galaxy show, but she had some fun playtime with her Beau LeBronze



Morgan:  I think my favorite time showing was with Morgan in the Veteran Sweeps class!  She really had a blast and enjoyed her time in the ring, here are pics from both Vet. Sweeps and BOB.