Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2010 AWC National Specialty - Tucson, AZ

We had a wonderful time in Tucson, AZ! It was a long drive there. Thanks to Robin for helping get me and 6 dogs there and home! It was an even longer drive back -and I never want to drive across Texas again if I can help it, but in the end we had a blast and I am so glad we went! The weather was good - though a bit cold for 2 days. We spent one day at the Tucson Botanical gardens. Amos, Morgan and Spirit all had a grand time, lure coursing and showing.
A special congratulations to "SPIRIT" - she started out going first in the Bitch Lure coursing class and then went on to earn the "BEST PERFORMANCE DOG" award and the "WISTWIND MEMORIAL TROPHY" in commemoration of Greg and Carolyn Mountain! We are honored to be the first to receive this award!

Thanks to Mike for these photos - keep an eye out for updates on Spirits page! Also look for photos of Morgan and Amos on their pages!