Sunday, April 30, 2017

2017 American Whippet Club National - Denver, CO

Our Big trip!!!!  
I had a blast on our trip to Denver, CO for the 2017 AWC National!!!   Mary Pick and I decided to drive across the country and what a trip we had!   Here is a summary.......

The trip out......
We decided to rent a large cargo van for our trip...... and after much packing,  me, Mary and 6 whippets (Ronan, Spirit, Moon, Elsa, Galaxy and Herkules) were off!!!!  

We made it to Colorado in 2.5 days and visited the Lure coursing field that afternoon.  

Lure Coursing: 
Saturday was our day and 4 of the "red kids"placed in the trial:

  • Moon placed 3rd in her open stake, Elsa was NBQ in her Specials stake and they together placed 3rd in both the Kennel and Breeders stakes!

  • Sister Fox won her Specials Stake!!! 

  • And finally Mercury was NBQ in his open stake too!!!!

On Saturday we attempted some fun "family Photos"  I think this was more fun for the folks watching but thankfully we got some great shots!
Ronan, (Mary), Spirit, Elsa, Galaxy, (Deana), Galaxy, Mercury, (Josie and Liz), Fox

 yes that is me and 7 red whippets

Conformation show:
We then headed to the host hotel for the show.  

  • Herkules was first and was such a good boy, placing in both his Futurity Class and the 12-15 month class!!!  I think he looks quite proud!


  • Ronan won his Amatuer Owner Handler Class!!!!

  • Mama Spirit had a great showing and made it down to the final cuts in both the 7-10 Veteran Sweeps competition and the 7-10 Veteran Bitches class.   I am super proud of her as these were extremely deep and tough classes and she looked wonderful!

  •  Elsa show very good for her in a tough Lure Coursing Bitches class:

  • Moon Placed 2nd in the Racing Bitches Class

Finally Fox also showed well in the same Lure Coursing Bitches class with her sister Elsa:
At the end of the week, we came home with a lot of ribbons, Spirit's ROM (Register of Merit) Certificate and many good memories!!!  Thanks to Mary for making the trek with me!!!!