Saturday, October 6, 2012

Our trip up North

Deana with Spirit and Dylan
This past weekend we traveled to Otis, MA to breed Spirit.   We had an amazing time!  Hound Hill and the surrounding area is SO beautiful! I think we could have stayed there if not for the knowledge that winter was coming!  We would like to thank Cora, Susan and Jim for their wonderful hospitality!  We truly enjoyed our time their.  How nice to meet new friends, everyone at Hound Hill was so nice.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that we have a good reason to visit again real soon!

Of course Mike took some amazing photos while we were there, here are a few of my favorites of me and the girls.  More to come of the surrounding area once available.

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Beth Levine said...

Beautiful! Your post makes me fondly remember my own trip to Hound Hill not quite three years ago. Of course when Lark and I visited it was February and everything was covered in snow and ice. I swore at the time I'd need to return someday in better weather to see the true beauty of the place, and your pictures just prove that I was right! On the other hand, despite the dismal weather, my own experience at Hound Hill was as warm as yours was from a human perspective - the hospitality was unmatched and I had such a wonderful time.

Fingers crossed for you!