Saturday, October 27, 2012

A fun time in Atlanta

Morgan with Henry and Dylan
Recently we traveled to Atlanta, GA to attend our Whippet Southern Specialty Show.   Not only did Dylan and Henry get a chance to show, but we had some wonderful reunions.
Morgan with Henry and Dylan

We got to see Bailey for the first time in several months! It was really good to see her and Becky.  Oh how much she is like her brother and sisters!  Here is a pic of Bailey with Mama Moe!

Bailey and Morgan
 Then, Bailey left to go with a new sister, Ella.  This is a picture of them at home

Bailey with Ella

On top of our reunion with Bailey, I was able to have visit with Amos and his new family for the first time since he found his forever home!  How wonderful to see this special boy again.   He looked so good and was clearly very happy with his new family.  I hear that he will be doing a bit of lure coursing later this fall.
Deana with Amos in lap and Ernest and Mary in the background

Here are some candids of Miss Dylan that a friend too while we were in the ring!   I really love this girl :)  and some more of her and Henry in the Motorhome.



Henry in Becky's trailer - a silly silly boy!  
Henry with the bowl he won

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