Friday, May 11, 2018

2018 AWC National in Maryland

I had a wonderful time at the 2018 National.  It was a long but fulfilling week.

To start with, I was thrilled that Mike was able to join me for the first National in a while.  

The week long trip started with Lure Coursing.   
I was asked to be the Field Trial Secretary on Sunday for the AKC trial and official AWC Trial.  This was a great honor and I am so happy to say it was a success.   We ran about 150 whippets and managed to finish by 4:30 pm!    
As for us, Elsa was the only hound entered on Saturday, she injured herself during her second run and ended up going NBQ in her FCH stake.   Unfortunately she had to pull on Sunday.   That left only Herkules to run on Sunday.  He had two nice runs but the judges only liked his second one :)  He had a lot of fun.  It was nice as I had a lot of complements on how much Herkules has grown up since last year!

Next came the Maturity.   
Herkules and all his brothers were entered this year.  The Maturity is divided up into male and female divisions.    I can't say enough how proud I am of our boy Herkules, winning the Male division of the 2018 Maturity under Breeder Judge Sue Veron.  We are so proud!!!

Next came the regular judging and this years judge was Breeder Christy Nelson.   

To sum things up: 
Herkules was 2nd in his Amateur Owner Class and also helped his Mother (CrimeSpree) win the Brood Bitch Class!
Moon was First in the Bitch Racing Class!!!!!  and her Brother Ronan was 2nd in the Male Racing Class!!!

I really enjoyed seeing all my friends and had a nice break from reality.  Loved being able to spend so much time with the whippets and all those who love them as much as I do.   

We left the National with an extra dog, our "Hope to be Papa Revel" took a trip to NC....... Elsa came into season while we were there..... hoping for little red and white puppies in July!   Fingers crossed!


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