Thursday, January 22, 2015

Elsa is #1 for 2014!!

It is official, Elsa (FC Cali's Red Clay Halo SC), out of our girl Spirit and Tobias, is the both the #1 Whippet and the #1 Sighthound for the 2014 AKC Lure Coursing Year!!!!!   
Her brother Max (MBIF FC TNT's Red Son Rising O'Cali SC) was #7!

A big thanks to Cora Miller for all her help with this successful litter and the use of her boy Tobias! A big Congrats to Donna and Larry Richards on their boy Max!!!

Report Date: 20150122

Sighthounds AKC TopDogssm Bowen System
Starting January 1, 2014 and ending December 31, 2014

For Events Processed Through Friday, January 9, 2015

1FC Cali's Red Clay Halo SCWhipB369
2FC Longrun's Super Chick MC LCXWhipB359
3GCH DC Terrena's Lemon Parade Of Mariner MC LCX CGCWhipD285
4FC Ableaim Ticket To The Top MCWhipB248
5DC Diamonds Sojourner Veritas Lionridge MC LCX CGCRhoRidgeB191
6FC Tnt's Once Upon A Time MCWhipB183
7DC Ableaim Free Flite Bedazzle Me MCWhipB176
8GCH DC Rufaro's Pretty Baby Blues RN SC LCX CGCRhoRidgeB173
9FC Tnt's Red Son Rising O Cali MCWhipD144
10FC X-Hnds Monet's Best Kindred SC LCXWhipD139
11DC Artemis Mood Indigo SC CGCWhipB137
12FC Kito's Love & Luck At Mwenje SCRhoRidgeB132
13DC Manzanita's Gorgeous Gaelic Gal MC LCX2 NA NAJ RATN CGCRhoRidgeB129
14FC Diamond's Queen Of Sheba Lionridge SC CGCRhoRidgeB124
15DC Serandida & Sikora's Never Been To Spain SC LCXIbizanD122
16FC Debmar Turbodiesel SCWhipD114
17Scone Mystic Indigo Wgasa BN SC CGCWhipB112
18GCH DC Mia's Bakhu Risky Business Of Hallam RN MC LCX2 CAPharaohD111
19FC Sendji Miles's Boplicity MC LCXPharaohB107
20FC Vyrtuous Venus Beretta Storm MC LCX CGCRhoRidgeB105
20GCH DC Orion-Ahram Blueberry Wine MC LCX4IbizanB105
22GCH CH Snow Hill Mindbender SCWhipD104
22GCH DC Sendji's New Coat Of Paint RN MC LCX CGCPharaohB104
24GCH CH Ableaim Lemon Drop Martini At Kazbar SCWhipB103
25FC C'Lestial Rose Of Jericho SC LCXBorzB101

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