Thursday, July 4, 2013

Lure Coursing News - June 2013

What a great weekend of AKC lure coursing we had in Camden, SC.  We had all the GIRLS running this weekend.  Saturday: Dylan earned a point towards her championship title and all 3 of our specials (Mystic (2nd), Spirit (3rd) and Blondie (5th)) all placed in a tough field of Field Champions.  Sunday: Both Dylan and BLondie placed in their stakes, but Spirit gave me the best birthday present, going Best of Breed!   Very proud of all the girls this weekend!   As always, we also had a great time hanging out with all our friends!!!


Both puppies had Great practices.  Hendrix is still focusing on going straight and did a good 100 yard sprint down and back.  We let Elsa do her first turns and she did a nice 250 yard loop with some wide open turns.   Very happy with how both pups ran.   They are 7 months old now...... all is going well :)



Thanks Mike for the great photos of the pups!

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