Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cali Whippets Head to Georgia! - Spirit earns her LCX6 title!

The first weekend of April, we headed to Fairburn, GA for an AKC Lure Coursing trial (MAWA).  The weather couldn't have been more wonderful!   Sunny, low to mid 70's!   I love spring in the South. The puppies took their first LONG trip and did great, even in the hotel room!
Besides the puppies, Blondie, Mystic and Spirit headed down with us.  

Spirit, who never fails to amaze me, went BOB on Saturday, earning her the last 5 points needed for her LCX6 title!   She is the second whippet (the other is Junior - TNT's Taking the Checkered Flag) to earn this title, and as of yet, no whippet has earned an LCX7........ these 2 whippets are truely in a league of their own!!!!   

Blondie, placed 4th on Sunday (the only day she ran) - proud to see this YOUNG girl in the placements.

We were extra excited about this trip, as Amos joined us on Sunday with his new family.  We are so proud of this boy and so happy for both him and his new owners.

Thanks to Mike for all the great photos!!!

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