Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Blondie earns a 5 point MAJOR

What an exciting weekend !!
BLONDIE - Cali's Blonde Ambition 
Attended her first AKC lure coursing trial this past weekend.  She earned her QC title Saturday morning.  She then went on to enter the trial and defeated 19 dogs going FIRST place in the OPEN stake!   We decided not to run her for Best of Breed, but couldn't be prouder of this little girl!   Sunday was almost as successful, a tumble in the first run put her a point down from the high score, but didn't affect her attitude.  She came back with a great second run and ended up in a 2/3 tie.  We forfitted that runoff, wanting to make sure she ended her first trial on a GOOD note.  
She ended up with 7 points and a Major her first weekend out!!!!   Super congrats to Miss Blondie!   We can't wait to see what your future holds for you! 

Thanks to Mike for this wonderful photo of Miss Blondie on Sunday!
More Pics of the weekend to come.


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